Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Deals $10 and Under!

Looking to get loaded up on great deals from great companies? Heres a list of some great Companies with Items you can purchase for $10 or Less! Thank you to our wonderful reps for letting us know what great deals they have going on!:

Personalized Pacifiers and so Much More-Items starting at just $5.50!
Relax find for all of your babys needs-Items starting at just $5.75!
Mary Kay Over 90 items under $10 plus FREE shipping on almost all items!
Custom made Personalized items and more! Lots of items under $10!
Sonbeams- Home School Preschooling. Great Responsibility Chart for just $7.95 (Includes shipping!)
Snootybootydiapers: Great Reuseable Diapers and more! Has a "Diapering under $10 Section" located here:
Inspirational Gifts- Lots of items under$10!
Bath Bombs and More!
Passion Parties (Adult)
Tastefully Simple
(Please email all orders to
Wonderful natural made lotions,candles and more starting at just $7!
Barefoot Books
Discovery Toys


We Cook with Daddy


Bella Luna Toys

(Lots of wonderful toys under $10!)


Great Gift idea and lots under $10!
Coffee Cozy Cafe
Natural Organic Skin Care Products
The Red Country Cupboard
Princess Parties

Black Friday Deals from our Wonderful Wahms:
Offered by Nichole Frise (for more information please contact Nichole at
From 5 am - 6am - all items 40% off
From 6:01am-7am - all items 30% off
From 7:01 am -8am - all items 20% off
From 8:01 am - 12 midnight - all items 10% off
Bogo Sale at Debbies Collection on Black Friday and CyberMonday!
Sonbeams will be offering a Black Friday deal but does not have details just yet. I will keep you updated :)
Snooty Booty Diapers will be having a BlackFriday sale. Will be up soon, will be located at :
Kristy Garland will be having a Black Friday Sale which will be released Wednesday Morning. You need to be on her mailing list to receive the great Deals! Please contact for more information!
Barefoot Books
Offering 20% off and Free Shipping over $35
My Mama's Love is offering a great 30% Black Friday Discount. Please use the Coupon code "Black". Its good from now until Dec 1st!

Thank you so much to all of our Wonderful Wahms for emailing me your great deals:
Tracy Ammon with Mom and Baby Store
Stacy Labrun with Stacys organicBoutique
Nichole Frise with Mary Kay
Deb Smith with Debbies Collection
Mrs.Candace with Sonbeams
Michelle with Snooty Booty Diapers
Elaine Stephen with Inspirational Gifts
Kristy Garland with Passion Parties and Tasefully simple
Tina Kennedy Gallagher with Beluxe
Diane Carman with Discovery Toys,Fuller Brush,Cello in a Box
Trisha with Beyond the bomb
Carolyn DiBlasi with Cooking with Daddy
Kathy Casagranda with Scentsy
Brenda McLean with Coffee Cozy Cafe
Leslie McCann with My Mama's Love
Linda Linzi with Princess Parties
Beth O' Connell with The Red Country Cupboard
If you would like to be listed for Great Gifts under $10 or our BlackFriday Deals please email me at with you information! Thank you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Friday Deals Under $5 section coming soon!!

Looking to stay in,snuggle up with a cup of coffee and do all of your black Friday Shopping from the comfort of your own couch? I will be posting a list of some great Direct sales/shop owner deals...coming soon...stay tuned!