Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Two great companies merging into one FABULOUS Creation!

Southern Living at Home and Entertaining at Home will be combining this summer to create "Willow House". They will not become Willow House officially until August 1,2010 but they are looking for Founding Consultants now! WOO HOO! Love hearing of new companies...great time to get yourself in and established and get pumped up for the Holiday Season!

For more info on Willow house and too sign up please contact Teresa Olvera at

You can visit her Southern living at home website at

Make sure to join her NEW! Facebook page for Williow house at

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day Raffle!

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful Wednesday!
Here at the Very Busy Mama we will be raffling off (for our Mother Day raffle) the NEW! Eternal Magic Purfume! This perfume has made it big at AVON and VERY popular! but thats not all! Also you will receive a bottle of Eternal Magic shower gel AND Body Lotion!!With Matching gift bag!
To enter is just $1 per Ticket! I can take paypal* or RME . Please send to . I will send you a confirmation email in return when payment has been received.
(Please note that with paypal we would like to encourage you to use the paypal calculator which you can find here to figure out what the fees will be, with paypal as you all know it takes fees. I have included a little chart of fees for quick reference.)
$1= $1.34
Also we will be raffling off a chance to win a FREE Top Banner spot (for 2 weeks) , a bottom banner spot for 6 months and a Solo ad shout out(which will include a 1 time send out to over 250+ wahm groups AND a shout out on our Very popular Facebook page!
We will be Holding the raffle on Sunday!! and dont worry if you win WE pay shipping NOT YOU!!! Unlike lots of other blogs/sites! We value our wahms/sahms!!
Enter today!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kristi Hubbard Stepping down from Beauticontrol

Albert Bosch will be taking over President for Beauticontrol...

More info to come.......