Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two great companies merging into one FABULOUS Creation!

Southern Living at Home and Entertaining at Home will be combining this summer to create "Willow House". They will not become Willow House officially until August 1,2010 but they are looking for Founding Consultants now! WOO HOO! Love hearing of new companies...great time to get yourself in and established and get pumped up for the Holiday Season!

For more info on Willow house and too sign up please contact Teresa Olvera at

You can visit her Southern living at home website at

Make sure to join her NEW! Facebook page for Williow house at


  1. Thank you so much, Jordan! I am in the process of also creating a new blog for Willow House, if you want to follow me and watch this company grow, please stop by,

  2. sounds awesome! Will do!