Friday, April 2, 2010

Wahm in the Spotlight!

Name: Kim Rhodes

What company do you represent/own? Sr. Consultant with Just Jewelry

What made you become a rep or owner of this company? I immediately fell in love with the jewelry. I remember when I first visited the Just Jewelry website and was viewing the online catalog how awesome I thought the jewelry was . . . so different and unique to other companies I had seen. When I looked at the prices for the jewelry, I thought I was seeing things wrong. I had to zoom in on the catalog to make sure, lol! I was blown away! I contacted the consultant that I had connected with, placed on order with her one day, then joined the company the next - without ever seeing the jewelry yet. I must say I was not disappointed! The jewelry was not done justice in the catalog. AND, when I learned more about Just Jewelry's philosophy, compensation plan, etc., I just had to be part of this ground floor opportunity.

What have you liked most about the company? Tough question . . . there are so many things. I must say above all I really appreciate the founders hands-on approach to their company. They started out as SAHM and stumbled upon this venture after trying other direct sales companies and not liking them. They are very active in the company and are always available if you really need them to be. They listen to their consultants and customers and really care about our thoughts and suggestions.

What do you enjoy most about being a wahm/sahm? I would love to be a full-time wahm . . . not there yet, but getting closer all the time. My children are grown and I was there for them when they were little, but I missed so much of their growing up after they entered school. I want to be able to help my children have a stay at home parent (either them or their spouse) to be with the children while they grow up . . . 18 years seems like a long time, but being on the other side of that now I can tell you that 18 years is not long enough to be with your children.

How long have you been with this company? One year, one month

What new items can we look forward to in the coming months? Just Jewelry has new catalogs and jewelry collections twice a year, spring/summer comes out March 1 and fall/winter comes out September 1. We always offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, key rings, .925 sterling silver rings, toe rings, and anklets. We carry sunglasses year round and Pashmina scarves.

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