Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etsy vs Ebay

Etsy vs Ebay

I know their are many crafters out there including handmade jewelry,cards,scrap booking,knitters,handmade soaps, candles and much more. I am one of those crafters myself. Now if you are looking to make a profit and sell them to the online community where should you start? Well there are many ways like starting up your own website which can cost a good amount of money,blogging which is free but there are so many of these for one company. Than theirs the perfect Solution: Etsy and Ebay.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a wonderful site where you can buy and sell home made items. It has a very active forum for discussing all kinds of things. You are able to have your own shop at no extra cost and make it your own. See for yourself

When crafters first start out turning to ebay is the easiest way. Yet the fees can add up, especially if your items do not sell.

EBay vs Etsy

Etsy Pro's

-You can start by opening your own store for Free!

- When listing an item the listing fee is only $.20 flat rate.

-You receive 5 Free spaces to place pictures of the item you are wanting to sell.

-Item stays on site for 6 months (unless it sells before the time is up)
-Only handmade items,vintage (over 20 years old), or craft supplies are allowed to post on the site.
-Does offer an "Alchemy" area

Etsy Con's-

- Must self promote,though Etsy is getting more traffic every month it still is not as well knows as ebay

-No auctions go on within the site (I love doing these sometimes)

Ebay Pro's-

-Have many options to listing your item

-Can add an auction to your item

-First picture is free
-Large selection to look over (its amazing what you will find on ebay)

Ebay con's

-Any picture you add after your first is $.15

-there are extra fees for items over a certain amount of money

-Item can only be listed for 7 days unless you pay for more time
-Using paypal with ebay is just a waste. So many fees occur when using these two together. I personally find it not worth it for low priced items.
- If someone does not pay for their auction your pretty much out of the fight. I have had this happen at least 10 times and not one single time have I received my money or bid $ back.

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