Friday, January 1, 2010

At Home America going out of Business in January!

Received this notice from At Home america

Announcement to HSS Field

To Our HomeStyle Specialist Family

We have a sad announcement and a hopeful announcement to our Home Style Specialists family. Sadly, due to many factors, AtHome America has been experiencing financial difficulties. Although we have worked closely with our bank to resolve these difficulties, the company’s bank has decided to foreclose on the assets of AtHome America and sell them in an effort to recover the loan to AtHome. This means that AtHome America will only operate until the bank has completed the foreclosure sale, which is currently scheduled for January 14, 2010.

There are two hopeful parts to this announcement. The first is that the bank has accepted an offer to sell the inventory of AtHome America and the non-physical assets to Signature HomeStyles, a direct sales home d├ęcor company based in suburban Chicago, SUBJECT TO the foreclosure sale procedure. This means that Signature HomeStyles’ offer to the bank will have to be the best offer received at the foreclosure sale. The hopeful part is that if Signature HomeStyles is the winning bidder, it will be offering the HomeStyle Specialists the opportunity to join their company.

The second hopeful part of this announcement is that Becky and Lisa have not given up on their quest to save AtHome America. It is possible that Becky and Lisa (or even another, as yet unknown party) comes to the sale with an offer the bank cannot refuse.

I am sorry to be sending you a message with such an uncertainty, but here at AtHome America, we can tell you this with certainty…

Between now and January 14, 2010

We will continue to fulfill your customer orders and service all of your needs.
We have put together a robust and exciting January Sale which will be effective 1/1/10, rather than 1/4/10. We want you to have the opportunity to continue to sell and make money.
Any orders that are entered into the AtHome America system by January 11th will be shipped by January 14th. Following the close of the sale, you may still hold parties and submit the orders after January 14th to Signature HomeStyles for fulfillment, if they are the winning bidder, or another party, if they are the winning bidder.
Signature HomeStyles and your Supreme Court leaders and Home Team have had preliminary conversations so that, if Signature HomeStyles is the winning bidder, there will be a smooth transition of your business to Signature HomeStyles if you elect to join their team.
We will continue to answer your questions and provide you with updated communications throughout the process. Meanwhile, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions and have included it here for your review.

Transition Plan FAQs

Q: What does this really mean?
A: After January 14, 2010, At Home America will no longer be in business due the inability to continue to operate without bank financing.

Q: What will happen to me?
A: Unlike most company foreclosure situations, we have taken extra efforts to make this a smooth transition and find a good fit for the Home Style Specialists to be able to continue their businesses with another company. Signature HomeStyles is prepared to welcome you and create a smooth transition so there are no interruptions in your business, if they are the successful bidder.

Q: Will I be paid for the sales that my team and I have generated?
A: Yes. The final commissions will be paid by AtHome America for the orders that are entered into the AtHome America system by January 11th,, 2010 and shipped by January 14, 2010.

Q: How will I get my commission check?
A: It will be directly deposited or a check will be mailed to your home. Please be sure that we have your correct mailing address.

Q: Will my customers get their orders?
A: Yes. All orders will be filled by AtHome America, if the order is submitted to us by January 11, 2010.

Q: Will my customers get refunds for products that At Home America is unable to ship?
A: Yes. The customers’ money will be refunded by AtHome America for orders that are placed by January 11th if the order cannot be filled and the customer is unwilling to take an alternative product of equal or higher value as a substitute.

Q: Will there still be a meeting in Chicago on January 28th?
A: Yes. Whether Signature HomeStyles or our co-founders are the ultimate buyers, both of them are planning to conduct the January 28th meeting for AtHome Leaders and Directors. If Signature HomeStyles is the buyer, the location will change to a convenient location in the Chicago area.

Sorry to see ya go!

If you would like to load up on some great sales they are having make sure you visit there site!


  1. Thank you so much for commenting. I am currently awaiting confirmation on this matter and will update as soon I do.

    The Very Busy mama

  2. not sure where this information came from but I can tell you we just held our annual convention are we are DEFINITELY in business!! Our company is stronger than ever and our catalogs are the BEST yet! They are HOT off the presses and if you would like to have a copy of your own please email me at

    ..and just for the record, if YOU want to join our great company, you maystart for a $1!! Ask me how!

  3. ummm i would like to beg to differ. I work for them and it is amazing. I would get your facts straight

  4. I am also an AHA Homestyle specialist and we are BOOMING with Business. I would take this off as it is not correct at all.

  5. I am interested in selling for this company. If anyone can give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at

  6. I agree that this should be taken off. The AtHome Business is thriving and the incorrect information shouldn't be posted online, especially if it could turn away those who may be interested in joining the team.

  7. As of July 28, 2012 At Home America is still in business and I Debbie Shubrooks HSS #1844 Lancaster PA have been a part of this company since 1995! 17 years and going strong!
    Please remove this post as this is the first I have seen this and it is no longer effective and looks negative to anyone that may be interested in At Home America

    1. Was this formerly known as Country Peddlers of America? Is this company still in business?

  8. They are back to having problems again. They are not shipping out merchandise or sending out gift certificates and the catalogs are not out as promised. I don't know what the hold up is but their emails to their consultants are about....trying times in this economy and they are working hard to ensure......whatever. it's just not worth joining. My membership ends in Sept. Not rejoining.

  9. I had a consultant come to my home and she took my credit card number and charged almost $1100.00 on my card. I did get all of money back from the company but, they allowed her to stay with the company.Very sad and very poor business strategy! I found out after the fact that she is a convicted felon in the state I reside!

  10. Wow sorry to hear about that charge to your cc. I'm glad athome paid you back in Texas the state doesn't allow convicted felons to work In or enter homes. I know lots of ppl slip thru the system. But here is the latest email I received......
    We need to let you know how very sorry we are for the delays and challenges we have caused you in your business and can only ask that you allow us just a little more time as we work through the details.
    I really think they are going bankrupt!

  11. The money was taken from my card the next day and I never received product. It took 6 mos. to get my money back. Everyone at our party was disappointed , especially the hostess. She was made to pay for half of her hostess "GIFT" and then was told they didn't have it and she couldn't get her money back because it was a "GIFT". They told her she had to order product, No refund!

  12. I've been waiting for my order for a couple of weeks now, and when I call At Home's Customer Service number, it says they're closed for the day (they have been all week). ...I'd really like to get my product,but it doesn't look terribly promising. I understand At Home doesn't issue refunds; however, as the order was paid with a credit card, isn't it possible to call the credit card company, explain that the order isn't being filled, and request from them a credit, letting the credit card company take it up with At Home? Any thoughts?

    1. you should be able to get a refund. I thought I understood that during their conference call. You can go back to your sales rep and deal with her or her court leader. Best of luck!

  13. Pretty sure AtHome is done...........employees all have been let go...........

  14. They are done. Sold at auction today.

  15. Yes, closed down!

  16. What happened exactly? Are they just not answering to their consultants? What if you inputted parties in the last few weeks? Are you just out the money? What a joke! I thought they were Christian ladies??? Lol

  17. If you build anything from home, you want to make sure the company is able to adapt and change with the economy. I launched a business 7 years ago and our pay has only gone up and its market share keeps getting bigger. Make sure you have a business that evolves with the times

  18. You can only not pay your bills for so long and string people along, that includes home office, vendors, consultants and federal me this did not happen overnight.

  19. So sorry for all those enduring this hardship. It's sad that the company is not trying to be upfront with their consultants and I pray that everyone receives(customers, hostesses, and consultants) at least get what is due to them. Again so sorry for your loss!

  20. Sadly enough I saw this coming when I was with them. They brought in the same guy that ran Home Interiors and Gifts in the ground and I knew what was going to happen. That was 6 years ago.

  21. Does anyone know how to get a refund for my order? I placed one in October 2013 and never received it, but my credit card was charged. Their website is closed and I can't find a way to reach them.

  22. This article is completely outdated and I think it is highly irresponsible that you would never think to update or remove it. At one time there was an offer by Signature HomeStyles, but after the At Home founders found funding, that offer was void. Years later the ladies were still experiencing financial trouble, and the company ended up closing. The whole situation was very sad and traumatic for those reps.

  23. I also took up and order and I or my customers did not received what we ordered and we DID NOT get a refund.....when I finally got through to someone all they said was they was sorry they was under new management now!!!! Better buisness was contacted on this issue!!!