Thursday, January 21, 2010

At Home America NOT going out of Business!

Previously I had received a letter from AHA stating that they were in Financial troubles and they would be ending after January. I received a letter this morning from Customer Service reading as follows:

AtHome America is not going out of business. Over the past few weeks, and over the next several weeks, we are going through a transition period. We anticipate our website to be up and running by next week.

I am very Happy to hear this as well as the thousands of consultants who rep for them, Best wishes to AHA and hope they come back better than ever!


  1. I sell At Home America they are alive and stronger than ever! Check out my website and see what is new

  2. Heard they closed their doors last week and let all the employees go without paying them for the past 3 weeks.

  3. I placed and order with a consultant who was a friend and was missing pieces. Then I held a party and only 1/2 my guests got the merchandise (and I was missing a few pieces too). This was in May and June of 2012. They have yet to make good by returning the money, offering other merchandise, ANYTHING. I like their items but will never buy from them again. They basically have stolen my and my friends and families money.

  4. Wow...I just read this.I also ordered items and NEVER got them. The money was taken from my account but never got the items.I wish I had seen this sooner.