Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello everyone!
We currently just found out that hubby is being deployed again!. This was WAY sooner than what we had thought. Due to this I will not have time to continue with my Snail Mail newsletter.
However! I will be changing things a bit and offering an email (via Microsoft word) for FREE!! You will receive this EVERY Monday!. Keep up with the latest info on direct sales that you cannot find on the Very Busy Mama blog!. Since this will be offered for FREE this will be going out to way more wahms (currently 250+) when you advertise with us your ad WILL BE SEEN!! This is huge and the best advertising opportunity for the best price available anywhere!!!
I hope you can come on over and support the Very Busy Mama by subscribing to our Weekly email newsletter and purchase an advertising spot! Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the Very Busy Mama!. If you would like to purchase an advertising spot please check out our prices at the top right of our blog!.
We also offer FREE classifieds (limit 3 per newsletter) when you place our button on your website/blog. Classifieds fall in these categories:
For sale (any direct sale items,business items, items from your company,website and such)
So come on over!

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