Monday, May 17, 2010

Suspicious emails towards Beauticontrol,Jafra and Mary Kay consultants

Through the years their has been a lot of talk of suspicious emails coming to them from a woman needing a bulk lot of Items from the companies. Please be weary of these emails..Please remember..If its too good to be probably is.

Here is an email from the scammer..please check out the odd wording and misspelling. This needs to also be a red light for you..

Hello Aloette Consultant ,

I will want to make a purchase of the below products through you , I just heard about how wounder full and nice the products from your company are .

Below are the items I want to purchase :

* Eye Restore Complex
* Indulgence Body Souffle
* Spa Indulgence Body Wash
* Spa Indulgence Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
* Spa Indulgence Body Butter Balm
* Ageless Science System
* Advanced Night Recovery Pro Face Cream with Revivaderm
* Platinum Collection Value Package

Please get back to me with a Total Cost for the items and how soon I can get to buy them .

I will expect to read from you asap


If you receive an email and your weary of it..please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help!


  1. Absolutely run away from these. I have had two of these and I just direct them to my website. It's disappointing that it's not a legit order, but if they really want to order, they can use a cc on a rep's website instead of asking you to order and have for them. They'll end up giving you a check that bounces and you'll be left holding the bag.

  2. Nicely put Gwen. It is unfortunate that wahms fall for this...I received a few of these when I was a rep for Discovery Toys..If their really interested (like you said) they will go online and order everything themselves..-Jordan

  3. I am a BeautiControl consultant, and I got this very email yesterday! From a lady named Linda that is doing some kinda modeling work in Spain and needed all this makeup. And at first, I was excited because it was gonna be a HUGE order (over $700)!

    But in the second email from them, they said they didnt want to order from my website, because they dont like to order online. So they wanted to have a client send me a check for an amount that is much greater than the order total, and I am to send them the rest of the money after I take out my portion for the sale. Huh?? Why is a "client" sending me money that I, in turn, send to you? U trust me to do those kind of duties, but you don't wanna order from my website?? I found that extremely suspicious!

    And I'm glad I asked my director about it before I replied back to them, because it would have been a disaster.

  4. Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.

  5. These types of scammers roam the internet, We constantly get these types of emails for all of our different business models, as a result we have implemented a confirmation by phone policy for all abnormally large orders.