Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Worst Direct sales mistake?

So we have all got into a company or two (or 3) that either werent what we expected or you just didnt do well with them for some reason. Please share your experiences with a company/companies you wouldnt join with again. Comment on this post to add your experiences.
(No fighting over this..everyone has an opinion :)


  1. When I was with a certain toy company about 3 years ago I was stationed overseas. I had a huge party that brought in over $1000 in purchases. The day after I placed the order online. After 3 weeks I contacted the company wondering why I hadnt received our shipment or even an "Its on its way" email. I was told that it was already shipped..i went to the post office every day for the next week asking about ( I knew a few folks that worked there) and no such thing had come in. After that week they TOLD me I should have received it...i let them know that we hadnt received ANYTHING after they charged my party a 15% shipping rate they told me that if they were to ship it again I WOULD have to pay for it!! I was so furious..I wanted to have happy customers so i paid after 2 1/2 months and LOTS of the customers wanting to cancel their orders we finally received the boxes with a few toys MISSING and I was out way more than I would have made. I will NEVER go back to that company,order from them or even tell others about it.

  2. I was once with a make up company and the leader I signed on under was very pushy. She assured me that I had to have this huge inventory and she eventually convinced me to place this huge order. Well, three years after that and more pressure to buy more, I found myself with the opportunity to refinance our mortgage at a lower rate. BUT, the bank made me pay off credit card balances from those "pressured" purchases of make up that was going stale in a closet. So, here I am paying for that makeup 10 years later as part of my mortgage payment! Bright side - only have 20 years to go!

    Don't pressure your downlines . . . some are weak like me and will go in debt because they thing it is the right thing to do to be successful. DEBT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA!

  3. I love blogging. You all express your feelings the right way, because they are your feeling, focus on your blog it is great.

  4. MLM Marketing, Be very careful and aware, pressure from your upline to purchase training or tools ( as they like to call it ) gets very expensive.